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Protection Packages



The clear vehicle protection film is an 8mil (.008) urethane film backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive and then topped with a clear coat to match the shine of the vehicle finish. For the lights of the vehicle, a thicker, shock absorbing 30mil film is used. The film is then cut from a computerized design to custom fit the specific model exactly.

THE PRODUCT PROTECTS THE APPEARANCE AND RESALE VALUE OF YOUR VEHICLE by protecting the paint and lenses against rock chips, bug damage, abrasions and weathering.


Protect Tomorrow. Embrace Today.™ More than ever before, people need help meeting their protection needs. For 50 years Protective Asset Protection has remained committed to helping people protect their automotive, marine, powersports and recreational assets. We provide innovative, valuable and affordable F&I products and solutions that are easy to understand. Learn more about the Protective brand and how we help people protect tomorrow so they can embrace today.


EXTERIOR: Protects against damage to exterior painted surfaces caused by eather-induced fading or loss of gloss, oxidation, hard water etching, industrial fallout, bird droppi9ngs, insects, tree sap, acid rain, and accidental paint overspray. Also includes winter package protecting against road salt, deicing agents, and sand abrasion.

INTERIOR: Protects agains fading, cracking, loose seam stitches, permanent staing to interior surfaces, including original floor, trunk, cargo area mats and carpet caused by food, drink, inks, dyes, lipstick, makup, crayons, urine, blood, vomit, pets, chewing gum or oil-based stains.

Cilajet is a Boeing approved, commercial aerospace product, which is now available to you through the automotive industry. Cilajet is a proven world-class aviation grade sealant. It is not like traditional car waxes or other coatings commonly used in automotive detailing. It is a true anti-corrosive sealant which, when professionally applied, bonds to painted and metal surfaces at the micron level, giving them a mirror-like finish. Cilajet's unique formula resists contaminants that may adhere to the surface of your vehicle. Examples of environmental hazards that can ruin the finish on a car are: bird droppings, tree sap, raw egg, hard water deposits, acid rain, bugs, rust...cilajet is superior in its ability to protect your vehicle's paint and clear coat from all of these elements and more. When applied to aluminum, chrome and alloy wheels, cilajet helps resist brake dust build-up. Cilajet also offers the ultimate treatment for the interior of your vehicle with the best upholstery and floor mat protection, Cilajet Fab; and the finest leather and vinyl seat protection, Cilajet Hide.


For over a decade, Diamon-Fusion International (DFI), a California-based and privately-held US Company has pioneered the use of protective coatings for surface care. Known throughout the world as a leader in the glass protection and protective coatings industry, DFI has developed, produced and distributed a variety of products designed for the restoration, protection and maintenance of not only glass but ALL silica-based surfaces, such as granite, ceramic tile, porcelain, quartz, among the main ones. The breadth of DFI's product offering ranges from award-winning and patented, professional quality products only available through authorized distributors (licensees) to easy-to-use highly-effective, do-it-yourself products for consumers.


When your vehicle is stolen, LoJack helps get it back... fast. A LoJack transmitter hidden in your vehicle helps the police track and recover it, often within a few hours. Thieves can't find it. Thick walls can't stop it. When it comes to recovering your stolen vehicle, nothing works as well as LoJack. That's why LoJack offers a 24-hour recovery guarantee. Now that's peace of mind.

Beat the heat this summer by adding window tint to your vehicle.


Most vehicles qualify for mechanical failure coverage. Please ask your service manager or finance manager for details and available coverage.